When: The art movement of Spatialism was born in 1946 in Buenos Aires, began to roam in Italy, in Milan, in 1947 and definitively conquered its most important and prestigious outpost, especially the most explosive in terms of communication, in Venice in 1951, and then continued its Venetian course throughout the 1950s.

Why: Rejecting the virtual space of painting and announcing the project of combining art and science to create, in real space, using modern technology.

The central point for the ‘space’ artist is to free himself from the force of gravity and to penetrate the 4th dimension, to break away from the earth element, represented by matter in its static vision.

Lucio Fontana Concetto Spaziale
Concetto Spaziale Bronze Lucio Fontana

Where: The very first Spatial Manifesto is the one of 18 March 1947 in Milan, with which the true nucleus of the Spatialist Movement emerged.

This was followed by the Manifesto of Spatial Art (November 1951), the Manifesto of Spatial Art (Fourth Spatial Manifesto), the Manifesto of the Spatial Movement for Television (May 1952), with Burri and Tancredi among others.  All the way to the Eighth Space Manifesto.

Lucio Fontana Pope Martin V
Lucio Fontana Pope Martin V 1950

Signatories: Lucio Fontana, Beniamino Joppolo, Giorgio Kaisserlian, Milena Milani, Virgilio Guidi, Mario Deluigi, Vinicio Vianello, Edmondo Bacci, Gino Morandis, Luciano Gaspari and a group of young people, Ennio Finzi, Bruna Gasparini, Riccardo Licata, Saverio Rampin.

Riccardo Licata
Riccardo Licata