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If it sells, it’s art!  (Frank Lloyd Wright )

Time Line del Chi siamo Egidimadeinitaly

2005-2020 Our years in Paris

Art gallery in the Ville Lumière

In 2005, we opened a gallery in Paris in the prestigious Marchè Serpette.

Thousands of customers came here every weekend from around the world. 

Among them were not only decorators, antiques dealers and interior designers, but also stars of the international jet set. 

Everyone from award-winning chefs to athletic champions and stylists to the stars in the world of entertainment. Every week the market was visited by some of the biggest names. 

We got to welcome into our gallery the likes of Alain Ducasse, Valentino, Madonna, Rod Stewart, Demi Moore, Lionel Richie, Barbra Streisand, Mick Jagger, and Mika.

We had the good fortune to welcome prestigious customers like Lenny Kravitz, Laetitia Casta, Giambattista Valli, Jean-François Piège, Maria Grazia Chiuri, and Cindy Sherman. We are very honored by this. 

The wonderful period in Paris lasted 15 years.

Egidi MadeinItaly antiquariato La nostra storia
Egidi MadeinItaly Marchè Serpette
Egidi MadeinItaly Luciano Frigerio
Egidi MadeinItaly sculture lampade

Alessandro e Sabrina today

Egidi MadeinItaly Our art gallery in Rome

Our fifteen years in Paris was an incomparable personal and professional experience, but it was time to return home.

In 2021, my husband Alessandro and I returned to our hometown of Rome.

This wonderful partnership in life and business continues now in the Eternal City.

Pietro Gatti vase for sale on Egidi MadeinItaly
Riccardo Licata for sale on Egidi MadeinItaly
Umberto Mastroianni for sale on Egidi MadeinItaly
Valentina Casorati Egidi MadeinItaly for sale on Egidi MadeinItaly


The 15 years we spent in Paris helped us appreciate the rich heritage of our Italian art.

By traveling, we realized that the paintings and sculptures created by our Italian artists and designers are peerless icons worldwide. This is how we decided to fly Italy’s colors high by selling antique and modern art and furnishing that is made in Italy, an embodiment of our style as Italians in Paris. Naturally, everyone there knew us as “les italiens.” Now we have continued to love and defend our artists, antique and modern alike.

Our catalogue includes works from the early 20th century of the Roman School, keeping with trends on the international market, as well as contemporary artworks by artists like Alberto Biasi, Emilio Scanavino, Gastone Biggi, and Carol Rama. Our strength is in offering original works to the market from private individuals, works of great quality and authenticity. I have been registered since 2002 in the register of experts of the Civil Court and in the register of experts of the Rome Chamber of Commerce.

This gives you absolute assurance about the authenticity of the items we sell.

Modern paintings are accompanied by authentications from the appropriate foundations and/or committees of experts. For antique paintings, we draw on the expertise of recognized experts with CECOA qualification (Expert agréé de la Chambre Européenne des Experts-conseil en œuvre d’Art).

Luigi Broggini for sale on Egidi MadeinItaly
Carlo Carrà for sale on Egidi MadeinItaly
Carlo Zauli vase for sale on Egidi MadeinItaly
Egidi MadeinItaly Gastone Biggi for sale on Egidi MadeinItaly

 Egidi MadeinItaly selling online

When I came back to Rome, I felt something like the artist Antonietta Raphael must have. She was the woman in the group of the School of Via Cavour who, after having worked in Paris, always came up with innovative, original ideas.

The fifteen years we spent in the gallery in Paris brought us into contact with an international market we were worried we could lose once back in Italy.

What should we do? Of course!

Let’s make a fabulous e-commerce site and call it Egidi MadeinItaly!

The expansion of the online market gave us a boost. With a few clicks, we were able to work with all the international decorators we had met.

Our experience abroad helped us identify our goal: selling select antique and modern paintings, sculptures, and art objects to a clientele of both private collectors and interior decorators.

We have the pleasure and honor to work with international designers to furnish prestigious settings that require the utmost quality and professionalism.

We are not cowed by such high expectations. In fact, they make us shine!