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Louis-Philippe Crepin d’Orleans

Crepin also became one of the first and most admired official marine painters of the early 19th century, with an atelier within the Ministry of the Navy and Colonies in Paris.

English Pre-Raphaelite Portrait

Arthur Augustus Dixon (1872-1959)

Arthur Augustus Dixon was born in St. Pancras in 1872.

1920s Glazed Majolica

Paolo Zoli

Here, Paolo Zoli in 1919, he opened the La Faience ceramic factory in Borgo Durbecco with Pietro Melandri, Dino Fabbri, and Amerigo Masotti.

Pair of Modern Metal Armchairs Signed by Emilio Robba

Emilio Robba

Emilio Robba, nicknamed the floral sculptor

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Jacob Alt

Alt was a German painter specializing in landscapes and architectural paintings and an admired lithographer.

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Dusan  Dzamonja

A short biography of the artist Dusan Dzamonja (Strumica 1928- Zagreb 2009)
one of the most important conceptual artists in the world.

Peter Ghyczy Black Armchair Garden Egg Chair Side

Peter Ghyczy

The Adam-Design museum in Brussels dedicated an exhibition to him: Peter Ghyczy: 50 Years of Functionalism, curated by Kunty Moureau.

Detail Gérard Diaz French Iris Pencil Drawing

Gérard Diaz

Gérard Diaz

Luigi Polverini follower of the prestigious Tuscan post Macchiaioli art movement

Luigi Polverini

Despite being originally from Rome, Luigi Polverini can be counted amongst the  follower of the prestigious Tuscan post Macchiaioli art movement.

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Yoshi Takata

Yoshi Takata photographer for Pierre Cardin

Pair of Maison Baguès sconces

Maison Baguès

Maison Baguès remains, for many decorators, a synonym of elegance and a pledge of excellence.

Posillipo School Marine Landscape

Attilio Pratella (1856-1932)

His landscapes are of real sensitivity; you can find several in the museums of Rome and Budapest

Cavatorta Italian Mirror


The company Cavatorta was set up in Rome in 1869, and has remained a family-owned business specializing in the production of exclusive furniture

Cenedese Murano Glass Vase

Gino Cenedese

Cenedese is known for the “Sommerso” and “Acquari” techniques

Murano Crystal Sculpture Signed Giorgio Berlini in the Shape of a Sail

Giorgio Berlini

The glasses of Giorgio Berlini

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Maison Jansen

Maison Jansen was founded in 1880 in Paris by Dutch-born Jean-Henry Jansen. It was located in Rue Royale

Morabito Green Crocodile


In 1958, the Maison Morabito created the Orsay bag for Marilyn Monroe to use as a travel bag.

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Klavdij Sluban

The Klavdij Sluban’s pictures

The Great Ease of Using Daphine Lamp is Completed by a Built-in Dimmer

Tommaso Cimini

In 1997 Tommaso Cimini died in an airplane crash, leaving the company in the hands of Ermanno Prosperi.

Pair of Italian Majolica Vases

Della Robbia manufacturing

Della Robbia ceramics

Signature Rurik Signed Pair of Paintings


Rurik was immersed in an artistic milieu from childhood. His father was Pierre Dmitrienko, a famous painter of Russian origin.

Two sisters Antonietta Raphaël

Antonietta Raphaël Mafai (1895-1975)

Each sunset is a day in our past lives that will never return. And at every sunset I ask myself: "What good have you done today, Antoniette?" Antonietta Raphaël

Guglielmo Pugi a prominent Italian artist

Guglielmo Pugi

Guglielmo Pugi, a prominent Italian artist. His studio was in Florence were he worked with his sons Gino e Florenzo

Square Glass Plate Marilyn Designed by Andy Warhol for Studio Line

Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol, the great American artist of 1960s Pop Art.

Gio Ponti the great Italian Design

Gio Ponti

Gio Ponti the great Italian eclectic genius

Green Murano Hand-Blown Glass Vase by Nason

Carlo Nason

Carlo Nason born in Murano in 1935. He grew up spending time with master glass-workers in the family furnace.

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Aristodemo Zingarini

A Roman-school painter, Zingarini was born in Rome on January 30, 1878, and died there on November 5, 1944

Carlo Zauli Faenza

Carlo Zauli (Faenza 1926-2020)

His first official accolade as an artist came in 1953 when he won the Faenza Prize in the 11th National Ceramic Competition.

Domenico Morelli drawing

Domenico Morelli (1823-1901)

It was the first time I had ardently endeavoured to study from life harmonising the light and the colour of the background with the figure.

Willy Zügel

Willy Zügel was an animal sculptor, modeler, and designer for leading German porcelain manufacturers.

Vivai del Sud

Vivai del Sud

Refinement, creativity, managerial skills, qualities featured by  outstanding Roman design studio Vivai del Sud

Katy Caterina Castellucci

Katy Caterina Castellucci

Katy Castellucci (1905-1985) was an Italian artist.
She showed at the Galleria della Cometa with Adriana Pincherle

Modern Italian Art Painting

Enrico Benaglia

Born in Rome in 1938, Enrico Benaglia trained in the company of the artists of the French Academy in Villa Medici and on Via Margutta.

Pasquarosa Marcelli italian Art of 20th Century

Pasquarosa Marcelli

She was “the Pasquarosa phenomenon,” as the critic and painter Cipriano Efisio Oppo called her in 1918.

Umberto Giunti Italian Tempera on Panel Madonna with Child

Umberto Giunti

Umberto Giunti (1886–1970) a student and follower of Icilio Federico Joni was a key player in the surge in forgeries around the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Roy Lichtenstein and American Pop Art

Roy Fox Lichtenstein

Roy Fox Lichtenstein big artist of American Pop Art

Eero Saarinen (1910 – 1961) Scandinavian  Designer

Eero Saarinen

Eero Saarinen (Kirkkonummi 1910 - 1961) Great 1950s Scandinavian designer

Fontana Arte lamp the great Italian design

Fontana Arte

At the suggestion of Gio Ponti, Luigi Fontana began to devote part of his activity to the creation of furniture and objets d'art.

Modern Painting by Mauro Stampatori

Mauro Stampatori

Mauro Stampatori (1948-2014) was a Roman painter and an architect.

Modern Signed Oil on Canvas Painting Ferraresi

Francesco Ferraresi

Francesco Ferraresi was born in Rome in February 1858, where he lived and died in Via Margutta 33.

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Meret Oppenheim

Meret Oppenheim International Designer

Signature Modern Bronze Sculpture by Francesco Paolo Michetti

Francesco Paolo Michetti

Francesco Paolo Michetti, (Tocco di Casauria 1851 - Francavilla 1929), was one of the most important Italian artists at the turn of the century.

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Manufacture Saint Louis

In 1767, Louis XV transformed the Vetreria Münzthal renaming it  Verrerie Royale de Saint Louis.

Charles Napier Kennedy

Charles Napier Kennedy

Charles Napier Kennedy was distinguished by his mythological painting.

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Kaare Klint

Kaare Klint Scandinavian Designer

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ISA Bergamo

ISA Bergamo produced a series of striking models designed by Gio Ponti and by Ico and Luisa Parisi

Cornelis Dusart Antique Flemish painting

Cornelis Dusart (1660-1704)

"He enjoyed observing peasants’ behavior and studied how they drank, ate, danced, fought, and even made love."

Tempera on paper Werner Gilles painting

Werner Gilles

Werner Gilles (1894-1961) was born in Rheydt near Mönchengladbach.

René Lalique 20th Century Italian Art for Sale on Egidi MadeinItaly

René Lalique

René Lalique the Art of Glass

20th Century Italian Art for Sale on Egidi MadeinItaly Carlo Carrà

Carlo Carrà (1881-1699)

The figure of Carlo Carrà, the journeys, the exhibitions, the encounters that changed the history of art.

1960s Italian Design Sphere Suspension


The Flos brand started in 1959, founded by Dino Gavina (1922-2007) and Cesare Cassina (1909-1979).

Italian Period Bronze Sculpture Signed by Alberto Ricci

Alberto Ricci

Alberto Ricci was a Roman artist.
He specialized in figurave sculpture with particular interest in the study of movement.

Cosmo D’Angeli dettaglio firma

Cosmo d’Angeli (1889-1968)

While his work started off Impressionist, over time it became more like that of the Macchiaioli.
He also devoted himself to sculpture.

Adriana Pincherle

Adriana Pircherle (1905-1996)

Pincherle was the older sister of writer Alberto Moravia. When her work debuted in 1931, she immediately drew the attention of critic Roberto Longhi.

Pipistrello Lamp by Gae Aulenti  For sale on Egidi MadeinItaly

Gae Aulenti

This blossomed into the Neoliberty movement, which Aulenti took up in opposition to rationalism.

Thor Larsen Armchair

Thor Larsen

The scandinavian design Thor Larsen

Giuliano Tosi Handblown Murano Glass Candlesticks

Giuliano Tosi

Internationally renowned artist, he has exhibited in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and various galleries in Europe.

Quadri Antichi e Moderni in Vendita su Egidi MadeinItaly

Yasse Tabuchi

Yasse Tabuchi modern Japanese artist

Giuseppe Capogrossi Icon of Italian Art

Giuseppe Capogrossi (1900-1972)

Giuseppe Capogrossi great Italian abstract artist of the early 1900s

17th Century Black Gold Framed Engraving by Hugo Allard

Hugo Allardt

Huÿch Allardt was an important draughtsman, engraver and publisher.

Mascagni carrelli

Mascagni Furniture

Very often Mascagni's furniture is completely covered in polyvinyl resins better known as PVC and engraved glass.

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Ico Parisi

Domenico Ico Parisi was born in Palermo in 1916 and died in Como in 1996. He was an internationally renowned Italian architect and designer.

17th century painting Follower of Jacob de Backer

Jacob (or Jacques) de Backer

Jacob (or Jacques) de Backer was a great Flemish painter of mythological subjects and religious scenes

Romeo Rega Modern Brass Etagere

Romeo Rega

Romeo Rega prestigious Roman designer from 1970s

Barye Signed Bronze

Antoine-Louis Barye (1795–1875)

The biography of Antoine-Louis Barye (Paris 1795 -1875) a famous French sculptor of animals.

Landscape painting Rudolf Swoboda the Younger

Rudolf Swoboda the Younger

Rudolf Swoboda the Younger was a great Viennese artist who lived between the 19th and 20th centuries.

Arte Moderna e Contemporanea Italiana in Vendita su Egidi Madeinitaly

Luciano Ventrone (1942-2021)

Luciano Ventrone the Caravaggio of the 20th century

Fabio Fabbi

Fabio Fabbi

The critic Paolo Stivani described him as "an illusionist and affabulator of images".

Castelli End 18-Century Round Plate in Ceramic

Castelli Majolica Manufacture

The Grue family, a great dynasty of ceramic artists

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Claudio Verna

Claudio Verna was born in Guardiagrele, in the province of Chieti, Italy, in 1937.

Period Italian Redware Neoclassical Terracotta Giustiniani Vase

Giustiniani manufacture

Founded in Naples in 1760 by Nicola Giustiniani of Cerreto, in the early days produced cream-colored pottery and majolica

Marco Marcola

Marco Marcola

Luigi Lanzi called him “…universal painter, very speedy in his work, ferocious in his inventions…” in History of painting in Italy from the Risorgimento of the Fine Arts until the late 18th century]

Rare glazed and polychrome ceramic plate  Signed Luigi Broggini for sale  on Egidi Madeinitaly

Luigi Broggini

He is the creator of the Supercortemaggiorefor the famous Italian gas company ENI, the "Six-legged dog," presented in a special competition in 1952.

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Wilfrid Constant Beauquesne

French art was deeply influenced by three wars during the 19th century, and the artistic imagination was not lost upon the public.

1960s Italian Design Sphere Suspension

Achille Castiglioni (1918-2002)

Achille Castiglioni (1918-2002) was an ambassador of Italian design in the world and won nine Compassi d'Oro awards.

Polychrome Terracotta Sculpture Bongiovanni Vaccaro

Bongiovanni and Vaccaro

The success of the Bongiovanni Vaccaro-workshop was a driving force for other craftsmen who, during the nineteenth Century, specialized in this particular subjects that were ‘the only singular and heartfelt manifestation of art that Caltagirone ceramics offers us in the second half of the XIX century’

Architect Carlo Bartoli great Italian designer

Carlo Bartoli

Pieces designed by Carlo Bartoli are shown at the Milan Triennale, the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, the Stadtmuseum in Cologne, as well as in New York, Prague, Hong Kong, Athens, and Buenos Aires.

Matteo Grassi Online Sale of Design on Egidi Madeinitalyin

Matteo Grassi

Over the years, Matteo Grassi has worked with an impressive array of designers, the likes of Carlo Bartoli, Piero Lissoni, Alessandro Mendini, Franco Poli, Eoos, Luigi Massoni, Jean Nouvel, Matteo Nunziati, Mauro Lipparini, and Rodolfo Dordoni.

Modern Pio Manzù Cronotime Table Clock ABS 1969

Pio Manzù

PIo is the son of the famous sculptor Giacomo Manzù (1908–1991)