Lucio Fontana. The father of Spatialism

Lucio Fontana sculptor and painter.

The first theoretical expression of the concept of space was in the White Manifesto published in Argentina in 1946, also signed by Fontana’s students at the Academy of Buenos Aires.


Lucio Fontana came to Milan to 1947 where he imported the style of Spatialism and presented his concept of space to those artists who were especially susceptible to change.

Everything is space, everything is the making of space. There are no longer places to which space is relegated and others to which it is not.

In 1951, Fontana met Carlo Cardazzo and started a prolific collaboration in Milan and Venice.

Carlo Cardazzo’s masterpieces!

In 1953, the Nuove Tendenza exhibition was held at the Galleria del Cavallino where Spatialists from Milan and Venice showed jointly.

One of the artists in this exhibition was Edmondo Bacci, who was part of Venetian Spatialism.
In 1958, Fontana published his final Spatialist Manifesto. He took part in the Venice Biennale.
The difference between Milanese and Venetian Spatialism This new dimension was fascinating to the artists of the day, who each responded to it differently, bringing their own culture to it.

Milanese Spatialism

Milanese artists responded to Fontana’s gesturalism, the energy of wanting to break something on the canvas. It is the hole in the canvas that creates an event not a gesture.

The Milanese artists of Spatialism

The Milanese artists who were part of Spatialism included Lucio Fontana, Gianni Dova, Roberto Crippa and Tancredi.

Venetian Spatialism

The group of Venetian Spatialists was profoundly connected to the tradition of great Venetian painting. This painting is in the genetic make-up of Venetian artists.
Edmondo Bacci recounted his visits to the churches on the Venetian lagoon to admire Tiepolo’s frescoed ceilings. Venetian artists respond to the inspirations of Spatialism with painting.
How so? They did so by developing this style and adding air to it, taking it to the sky and the bowels of the earth while creating a new language in pictorial terms.

The artists of Venetian Spatialism

Virgilio Guidi, Anton Giulio Ambrosini, Mario Deluigi, Edmondo Bacci, and Berto Morucchio, Vinicio Vianello, Tancredi Parmiggiani, Morandis, Saverio Rampin, Riccardo Licata, Gaspari, Ennio Finzi, and Bruna Gasparini.

The informal dimension of Venetian Spatialism came to influence all of Europe and America.

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