Gino Galli (1893–1944), a painter associated with the Futurism and Return to Order movements, is the focus of a small but comprehensive exhibition curated by Edoardo Sassi, Corriere della Sera journalist, and Giulia Tulino, research fellow at the Sapienza University of Rome.


Gino Galli. A painter associated with the Futurism and Return to Order movements

The MLAC exhibition presents some 50 paintings, reconstructing the artistic path of Galli, a controversial figure in the 20th-century art world. 

The exhibition rediscovers Galli, who was a solitary, tormented painter, gay, fascinated by occultism, likely a morphine addict, a member of Mussolini’s secret police (OVRA), an undercover informant in Bice Pupeschi’s network, a spy, and lover of the fascist police chief Arturo Bocchini.

A forgotten artist in the history of Futurism

Galli was Giacomo Balla’s favorite student. He wrote and signed important theoretical texts and was deputy editor of the magazine Roma Futurista (with Balla, Giuseppe Bottai, and Enrico Rocca). In 1919 and 1921, he had solo exhibitions at the Bragaglia Art House in Rome (link), one of the most important galleries of the time.

He is what we could call a forgotten artist. He is almost absent as an artist in the historical accounts of Futurism, except for a few mentions. The exhibition’s curators take a scientific approach with plenty of narrative elements to solve the mystery of Galli’s disappearance, after his dazzling debut at the forefront of the Futurist avant-garde movement. 


The MLAC showed his works from the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s when he followed the style tenets of the Return to Order movement and especially Magical Realism, full of symbols used to create paintings – including portraits, landscapes, and still lifes – of great originality and intense colors. 

Edoardo Sassi and Giulia Tulino curated the exhibition.

Gino Galli Insieme dinamico e coloristico di una pescheria 1914
Gino Galli Insieme dinamico e coloristico di una pescheria 1914

Gino Galli (1893–1944) was a painter active in the Futurism and Return to Order movements.

March 10 to May 6, 2023

MLAC –  La Sapienza University of Rome.

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