Alberto Ricci

Alberto Ricci was born in Rome in 1943.

He attended the Institute of Art in Rome.

He lives permanently in Italy and works in Rome except for short periods of stay in Sweden and in Netherlands.

He is one of the most prominent sculptors of his generation who has become well-know after discovering ‘the value of Energy and Essentialism in Art’. Italian television present a separate program on Ricci and his work in 1981.

His work is based on classical and modern sculpture. He specialized in figurave sculpture with particular interest in the study of movement.

His subjects come from the field of the arts. From religious figures to nude women his topics vary, yet all have the Ricci stamp of dynamic energy.

His sculptures are found all over the world.

The United States, Japan, Europe Scandinavia.

He has sculptured a bust in bronze of Pope Paul VI which stands in the Camerlengo Chapel in the Vatican. He has also sculptured a bust of Pope John Paul II.

Ricci is the father of the ‘Energy Essentialism’.

The critic B. Benardi says: “There is a curious and attractive transparency in Ricci’s work that can be understood, but this trasparency is only a perception and a superficial feeling in reality and action. That which is presented is the energy that exists in the potential state of the same work” (from Alberto Ricci sculpture)