Antonietta Raphaël

Daughter of Kovno’s rabbi after her father’s death she moves to London where she lives for almost twenty years, gratuating in piano studies.

Having left Britain she moves to Rome, where she attends the Fine Arts Academy and meets Mario Mafai.

Tying a lasting personal and artistic bond with him.

In 1930 she visits Paris with Mario Mafai: here, she develops an interest in sculpting.

A few years later she moves to London, where she frequents Hepstein’s sculpting studio.

Because of racial laws in year 1938 she is forced to move to Tuscany and later to Genova, where, she mainly sculpts. From the 1950s she starts being critically acclaimed as a sculptress and later she is invited to set up an important exhibition of her collected works at the Zodiaco gallery in Rome.

In 1956 she travels to China. The trip leads to an exhibition in Bejing with Aligi Sassu and Giulio Turcato.

Afterwards to many more collective exbitions in Europe, Asia and US.

Many of her pieces are displayed in the occasion of the 8Th Quadriennale of Rome (1959-1960) at the exhibition about the roman school. Definitively appointing her has one of the leading figures of such school.

It recognizing her inspiring role for contemporary artistic movement.

In the following years, she mainly sculpts, setting her painting more and more aside.