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Kinetic Art

In 1955 the historic exhibition Le Mouvement, was inaugurated at the Gallery Denise René in Paris, considered the official opening event of Kinetic Art.

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Alberto Biasi Politipo 1969

Starting from the Parisian exhibition, the avan-garde of those artists took shape who would later animate the kinetic movement, following experiments based on optical and luminous phenomena, going beyond the intuition of Alexander Calder’s machines (1898-1976).

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Alberto Biasi Politipo 1971-1972

Half a century later, in 2006, the Hermitage Museum in St Petersburgh inaugurates a major exhibition of Kinetic Art: the works on display come from all over the world and are signed by French, German, Italian, South American, Russian and Balkan artists.

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Volo di Ritorno 2005 Alberto Biasi

The Ermitage exhibition is extremely successful and Alberto Biasi plays a central role in it.

Over half of the works are his, exhibited alongside those of Le Parc, Morellet, Garcia Rossi, Yvaral, Tornquist e Koleichuk, just to name a few.

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Alberto Biasi Trama 1959

Alberto Biasi, at the very young age in 1959 received recognition for his Trame, the first overlapping of perforated papers.

Group N

He continued his work over the years, both independently and in groups. In the same year, he was among the founders of the Paduan Group N  with  Ennio Chioggia, Toni Costa, Edoardo Landi, Manfredo Massironi, creating luminescent rooms in which the mechanics interact with the artificial brightness and with the visitor himself.

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Alberto Biasi Occhio inquieto 1962 -1965

In his optical kinetic research, he then tackles the processing of the thin layers applied to a background which determine a continuous mobility of the work generated by the gaze of the observer (Torsioni).


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Alberto Biasi Variable round image 2005

But Biasi’s imagination has no limits and, to the painted thin layers and with fading corners, he adds coloured  and multi level backgrounds, summarised in his works Ottico-cinetiche and in the Politipi up to the most recent Assemblaggi.


Alberto Biasi and Kinetic Art
Divagazione cromo by Alberto Biasi


Alberto Biasi Dive into the rainbow

The exhibition presented at the Ara Paci Museum – Alberto Biasi Dive into the rainbow – is divided into six sections, corresponding to six different types of works by the artists, which well represent the conceptual research journey begun in the period prior to Group N.

Lamellas and overlapping of planes which simulate movement, play of light, three dimensional optical illusions, interactive compositions, animate the space of the museum in a game of reference between tradition and experimentation: Trame, Torsioni, Rilievi Ottico-Dinamici, Politipi, up to the Assemblaggi and the works of the last period.

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Dinamica triangolare 1965 Alberto Biasi

In addition to the works, the visitor, will encounter environment, such as Light Prisms (Dive into the rainbow ), Eco e Proiezione di Luci e Ombre, where Alberto Biasi explores the decomposition of form through light and the perceptual illusion that light itself helps to produce.

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Alberto Biasi Dive into the rainbow
Ara Pacis Museum
from 13 October 2021 to 20 February 2022

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