A passion for sculpture!

Antique and modern sculptures in bronze, wood, terracotta, ceramic, and plaster.

Antique and modern sculptures were made with the same materials. Traditional sculptural materials include wood, stone, basalt, limestone, marble, onyx, and other types of stones.

Materials used for modeling include clay, earthenware, gypsum, porcelain, ceramic, and papier-mâché.

Decorate with a neoclassical marble bust

The fascination of sculpture

“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.” Michelangelo

This statement, attributed to Michelangelo, renders the idea of a true artist’s task: to free the ideal form that is in nature but obscured by us humans. 

Removing the superfluous to find beauty belongs only to sculpture, out of the seven arts; painters, poets, and musicians create; sculptors remove!

Another key aspect of antique marble statues as well as a modern bronze or terracotta sculpture is having three dimensions. 

You can walk around sculptures and admire them from all angles and all directions. This is the true contemplation of beauty.

There is good reason that the words “sculpture” and “culture” are so close; both come from the word “cult” or worship, having to do with the sacred. 

Antique marble Guglielmo Pugi sculpture onEgidi MadeinItaly
Antique marble Guglielmo Pugi sculpture

Egidi MadeinItaly and sculpture: selling sculpture is our art

Our extensive professional experience, which in addition to our antique shop in Rome includes 15 years running an antique and modern art gallery in Paris, has taught us that the most important, indispensable piece of decor is a beautiful sculpture!

Nothing adds prestige to your home like a marble sculpture.

An antique wood or bronze sculpture or a modern terracotta statue have the power to transform a space into something truly unique!

A beautiful neoclassical marble bust combined with a pair of Gio Ponti armchairs and an Angelo Mangiarotti table: divine!

Neoclassical Bust for sale on Egidi MadeinItaly
Neoclassical Bust

Our Egidi MadeinItaly online store for antique and modern sculpture

A cart for art!

As you know, the years we spent in Paris meeting collectors and interior designers from around the world opened our minds and changed our taste in art. They also made us appreciate where we come from and to love our wonderful job and our Italian art even more.

When we returned to Rome, to reach our international clients and continue offering them our unique pieces, we decided to enhance our website by turning it into an online store.

Fill your art cart!


About our sculpture store  

Each antique and modern sculpture in our Egidi MadeinItaly product catalog is a unique, original piece for its period.

Investing in sculpture

This is very important for our customers. When you buy a sculpture, you are also investing in your future and that of your children.

In my opinion, a sculpture really makes the difference in any space it is added to. 

Add prestige to an entrance with a beautiful marble bust of Caesar Octavian Augustus, who later became emperor.

Neoclassical Carrara marble bust of a young Octavian
Marble Bust of a Young Caesar Octavian Augustus

How about in the living room? Perhaps a modern art sculpture like Luigi Broggini’s Ballerina. The work was catalogued and certified by the artist’s son whom I met personally.

In addition to neoclassical marble busts, we have early-20th-century bronze and terracotta sculptures.

Key pieces include sculptures made in Sicily like Bongiovanni Vaccaro’s Caltagirone.

In bronze, we are currently showcasing an important work by Francesco Messina, a beautiful horse that he signed on the base. 


Antique and modern sculptures

To help you browse our catalog, we divided the sculptures into two categories, antique and modern.

Antique sculpture

The antique sculptures include works in bronze, wood, terracotta, ceramic, and plaster from the 16th to the 20th century.

Antique polychrome terracotta sculpture on Egidi MadeinItaly
Antique polychrome terracotta sculpture

Modern sculpture

The modern sculptures include works in plaster, bronze, and ceramic from the early 20th century to the 1970s. The photo below shows a beautiful bronze maiden by Gaetano Martinez.

Gaetano Martinez Gaetano Martinez modern bronze sculpture for sale on Egidi MadeinItaly
Gaetano Martinez modern bronze sculpture

Do you know that we appraise and buy your sculptures?

We appraise, buy, and sell for top value works by Giacomo Manzù, Arturo Martini, Giacomo Balla, Umberto Boccioni, Adolfo Wildt, Arturo Martini, Medardo Rosso, Leoncillo, Lucio Fontana, Antonietta Raphaël, Mirko Basaldella, Pericle Fazzini, Ercole Drei, Duilio Cambellotti, Alberto Giacometti, Emilio Greco, and Gio Ponti, etc.

I want to sell a sculpture. How can I contact you?

Our website contains lots of useful information and our phone numbers. You can even send a photo of the sculpture you want to sell via WhatsApp or text message.