The Seven Sages by Fausto Melotti 

Coherence of mankind

As part of the 6th Triennale of Milan in 1936, Fausto Melotti, on requests of the BBPR Group, creates 12 dummy sculptures for the exhibition hall entitled “Coherence of mankind” that are clearly
inspired by the characters of De Chirico.
In the 1960s,  the artist from Rovereto revisits the theme of the “hieratic figure of the sages”, creating a set of stone sculptures in which mannequins once again have a key role “I Sette Savi”.
The artwork soon takes on broader of stone.
Seven elements of the set of sculptures are all identical but positioned at different angles, creating an almost musical rhythm, as was typical also of Fausto Melotti’s abstract sculptural style.
The sequence centres around the variation of a single theme and brings us to reflect on the composure and sacred appearance of those who dedicate their lives to the search for knowledge


1960 – The seven sculptures in stoneof Viggiù are commissioned to Fausto Melotti by the City of Milan to decorate the garden of the new site of the Giosuè Carducci high school.

1963 – The sculptures are defaced and vandalised by students.

1969 – Melotti, particularly fond of the theme of the Sette Savi, creates a new plaster version of the sculptures.

1981 – Melotti, in agreement with the City of Milan, creates a new marble version of the prominent set of sculptures, which are installed in the garden of Villa Reale overlooking the glass wall of the PAC building

2013 – SEA sponsors and supervises the sculptures restoration work and, upon their completion, displays them inside the airport of Milan Malpensa during the inauguration of the exhibition space la Soglia Magica at the Porta di Milano

Melandri and its Sette Savi in the Garden of Palazzo Reale Milan