Meret Oppenheim

Meret Oppenheim born in Germany, she came to Paris at a young age to follow her passion, painting. Here she worked with Alberto Giacometti and Jean Arp whom she had met in Switzerland.

She also met Marcel Duchamp, André Breton and Max Ernst, with whom she had a brief love affair.

He was an artist in his soul, not for his wallet. She designed jewellery for Elsa Schiaparelli, and one day while she was in Paris, at the Café de Flore with Picasso and Dora Maar, she managed to arouse the Master’s interest with her strange bracelet covered in fur, and when he said that everything could be covered in fur, a light bulb went off in Meret.

She went to a shop, bought a small cup with a saucer and spoon, and then managed to get a piece of Chinese gazelle fur with which she covered the porcelain. Thus, in 1936, Le Dejeneur en fourrure was born, a small/big masterpiece that he exhibited at the Exposition surréaliste d’objets held in the Galerie Charles Ratton.

He was one of the greatest experts in “wild arts”, interested in primitivism, fetishes and fascinated by “objets”. Oppenheim’s creation was so successful that it was acquired by the MoMA museum in New York, where it is still on display.

She did not like to be identified as an exponent of a particular artistic strand, although her name was always linked to the current of surrealism. During her life she produced oil paintings, collages, assemblages of different objects and materials, and also wrote and composed poetry. Talk about an all-round artist..