Ippolito Caffi

Ippolito Caffi, Italian painter (Belluno 1809–Lissa 1866)

Caffi began studying painting in Belluno with the painter Antonio Federici.

Academy of Fine Arts in Venice

Under the aegis of Paoletti and Giovanni De Min of Padua, he furthered his studies, completing his artistic training at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice. Here his teachers included Orsi for perspective, Matteini for figure drawing, and Borsato for decorative arts. He was fascinated by Canaletto view paintings.

Ippolito Caffi in Rome

He moved to Rome in 1832, following in Corot’s footsteps, merging prospective rigidity with tonality rich in light, atmosphere, and effect. He took many trips to Greece, Turkey, and Paris, where he showed his Carnevale di Venezia [Venice Carival] in 1846. He painted mainly in oil though he was equally skilled at watercolor, fresco, and lithography.

With a clean, decisive painting style, he never strayed from a certain style, always with plenty of virtuosity. He translated his thirst for new experiences into paintings. His patriotism prompted him to participate in many different things. For example, in 1847 he was with the Frenchman François Arban on a hot balloon flight in Rome; and he fought in the war of 1848 and was taken prisoner in Visco. He was also in the civic guard in Rome.

The King of Italy flagship

He died in Lissa in July 1866, sinking with the King of Italy flagship which he had boarded as a painter of naval battles.

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