Costantino Barbella

The Michetti of sculpture

Sculptor from Abruzzo, known as the Michetti of sculpture.

Costantino Barbella was born in Chieti in 1853.

He was well-known in Italy and abroad for his admirable handling of terracotta sculptures, debuting with several small statues for Chieti’s theater.

The joy of innocence

He is famous for his wonderful piece La gioia dell’innocenza [The joy of innocence] which earned him popularity.

Love song

At two exhibitions in Naples (1877) and Turin (1884), he presented a sculpture group, which earned much praise for its sense of emotion and truth, La Canzone d’amore [Love Song].

The Confidence

In Paris in 1879 he exhibited a sculpture group La Confidenza, which was awarded a silver medal.

His other sculptures included: Alla Fontana [At the Fountain]; Tentativo [Attempt]; Bacio [Kiss]; Storia amorosa [Love Story]; Paciera; and Cantatrici [Singers]. They were admired and sold well wherever they were shown.

Modern Gallery of Rome

Aprile [April], imitation bronze group, bought by the Art Commission for the Modern Gallery of Rome. La partenza e il ritorno del soldato [Soldier’s Departure and Return], shown in Rome in 1883 and bought by the gallery.

His works are now in Berlin, London, Paris, Belgium, America, and Egypt. Many are owned by kings and princes.

He was a Knight of the Order of Leopold II of Belgium, Honorary Professor of the Royal Institute of Fine Arts in Naples, and Honorary Academician of the Institute of Fine Arts of Bologna and other Academies.

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