The visit I would like to tell you about today is truly special.

Sèvres Ceramics Museum
A Private Visit to the Sèvres Manufactory

I had the luck of being invited to a guided visit at the .

As you know, Sèvres is a very famous porcelain manufactory and it is amongst the most prestigious in the world.

Together with the German Meissen porcelain, the French Limoges and why not, also our Real Fabbrica di Capodimonte, Sèvres is renowned in the world for the excellence of its production of ceramics and porcelain.

Sèvres Ceramics Museum
Blue Vase at Sèvres Ceramics Museum

“1740- A soft paste porcelain workshop is founded in Vincennes in a tower of the royal castle, under the reign of Louis XV and the influence of Madame de Pompadour, the King’s favourite”

Sèvres Ceramics Museum
Claudio Parmiggiani at Sèvres Ceramics Museum

This is the description of the official site of the museum. It gives an idea of the importance of this factory, which was transferred to Sèvres in 1756 and became a real institution throughout the centuries.

Yes, but you may ask what is there so special about this visit? The amazing thing is that we were lucky enough to visit what is behind this famous French institution, we had the privilege of visiting the workshops where these works of art are made.

Sèvres Ceramics Museum
Sevrés Atelier of Casts

From the expertise of the moulage, through the very difficult process of baking inside the wonderful ancient ovens, up to the final hand-made decorations, everything takes place according to a perfect, century-old artisan, or rather artistic, process. The excitement of seeing simple kaolin transformed, through a process that I would call magical, into marvelous vases, plates, and even furniture, is an experience I will not forget very easily.

Sèvres Ceramics Museum
Vincent Beaurin at
Sèvres Ceramics Museum

Talking to the various people who do this work, learning about the subtlety of their skills, gives me the confidence to think that craftsmanship and the marvelous work done by human hands, can still have a place in our society.

Sèvres Ceramics Museum
The Kilns of the Sèvres Ceramics Museum

In a crazily fast-paced world that rushes irresponsibly towards a technology that seems to know no limits, a visit to the studios of Sèvres is a breath of fresh air and it has rekindled the hope that all is not lost.

Special thanks go to Ombeline and Leïla who made this possible.

Sèvres City Of Ceramics
2 place de la Manufacture