A wonderful exhibition is taking place in Rome from May 15 to October 3, 2021 in the equally beautiful setting of Palazzo Barberini.

The exhibition’s title is Tempo Barocco; upon first considering, the theme of Baroque era seems an artistic topic that has already been studied in depth and often, but if we stop to consider the title — meaning “Baroque time” — we’ll find that Baroque is not a mere adjective, but a full partner with Time.

Time is also meant in the philosophical-existential sense, of the fleeting moment, like Vanitas, and the artistic Baroque style as an endless source of these subjects

The passage of time is also explored through the beautiful antique clocks shown in the exhibition.

Many of the paintings hanging on the walls of this exhibition are masterpieces (and to stay on topic) are timeless. Great artists come one another in the glorious rooms of Palazzo Barberini.

A few names? The Caravaggesque Valentin de Boulogne and his The Four Ages of Man, Andrea Sacchi and his Allegory of Divine Wisdom, and then the great Guido Reni with The Four Seasons.

There are works by the German artist Christian Berentz with his hyperrealist still lifes and the beautiful works of Domenichino and Giacinto Gimignani.

And then we can go on with the powerful painting that was chosen to represent exhibition, Time Defeated by Love, Beauty and Hope by the French artist Simon Vouet.

the painting is an allrgory og the precarious natureof man's existence
Time defeated by Hope and Beauty

As the titles of these magnificent paintings suggest, time is the true protagonist of this exhibition, and at the end of it, we can’t help but think about our own relationship with the years that are going by, and like in the Lucio Dalla song, “Not a one is coming back.”

How do we experience this fact? How can we deal with it? What do we think every morning looking in the mirror?

The more science tries desperately to give an explanation and so a meaning to time, the more we find ourselves confronting amazing phenomena.

From the Theory of Relativity to the latest developments in scientific research, a thrilling perspective is put before us: maybe time does not exist, and it certainly does not exist according to our space-time parameters.

By the by, we can say that, without investing billions, Christianity had already gotten to that conclusion a couple thousand years ago …

But for now let’s enjoy this beautiful exhibition and if you haven’t done so yet, hurry to see it.

Tempo Barocco
Palazzo Barberini
from May 15 to October 3, 2021