Wedding list

A service for our customers:

Four good reasons to create a wedding list with us:

  • You already have a furnished house and you only need paintings.

The walls of your home are like their clothes, their identity. Why not have your relatives and friends gift you some paintings?


  • You want to start your married life by diversifying your investments:

antique and modern works of art do not lose value over time.

  • You want something unique that sets your home apart:

are you tired of going to the homes of your friends and relatives and always seeing the same furniture and same decor? Antique furnishings means originality and ensures the use of fine, durable materials such as wood, bronze, and mercury glass. They are conversation pieces, giving you and your home a certain allure.

  • Do you want a vintage style home?

Our catalogue includes many pieces of furniture, paintings, and historical design pieces. Having a Pipistrello lamp designed by the famous designer Gae Aulenti, or an orange alarm clock by Pio Manzù, or other accessories or furnishings from the 50s, 60s or 70s gives your home stylish, cheerful flair.