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Aldo Caron Bronze Sculpture

Signed and dated 1975

Bronze sculpture 'Untitled'  signed at the bottom on the back: A. Caron and dated 1975

Period 1975Height 16.92 14.56 inWidth 5.90 inDepth 3.93 inCOD EMI 235 Categories , Tags , , , ,


This work was created by Aldo Caron, an artist who uses figurative modules in the field of portraiture while being a key figure of the Italian Informal movement in painting and sculpture. Aldo Caron made this bronze in 1975 in his Roman period. Like other of his works from the 1970–90s, this is a precise sculptural work, made of jagged and flat shapes with protrusions, cracks and crevices, intersected by irregular curved lines. In these bronzes as well, he does not give up the colored effects he loves to use in painting as well.  To achieve the colors, he made the surface vibrant partly by using different coatings at some points of the surface.  

Technical Details

Materials bronze, marblePeriod 1975Creatore Aldo Caron
Height 16.92 14.56 inWidth 5.90 inDepth 3.93 in

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