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Sestilio Piccari painting

Portrait of a Cactus

Sestilio Piccari, Still Life with Cactus. Oil-on-canvas by Piccari. On the back of the painting is the artist's address, Via Maddalena 2, Rome, and the card number 53210.

Period beginHeight 19 ¹¹/₁₆ inWidth 15 ³/₄ in Categories , Tag


Professor of drawing at the Istituto Magistrale Oriani in Piazza Macao in Rome, now Piazza dell'Indipendenza.

1923 Second Roman Biennial - International Exhibition of Fine Arts

In 1927 Sestilio Piccari was in the Second National Landscape Art Exhibition in Bologna with the work I cipressi della Roma quadrata (Cypresses of Ancient Rome). 

In May 1938 he showed at the Eighth Exhibition of the Interprovincial Fascist Fine Arts Trade Union of Rome in Trajan's Market.

Portrait of a Cactus. Sculptural cactus with prickly leaves dotted with buds. A freshly sprouted seedling in the foreground. Nature and art have always been a winning combination. Cacti are part of the plant family Cactaceae. These plants symbolize perseverance and fidelity because they can adapt to any environment. There is a legend about two young lovers who lived in a native American tribe, the handsome Quehualliu and Pasancana, the daughter of the village chief. Pasancana's father wanted his daughter to marry another boy from the tribe, a skilled hunter. To escape her father's will Pasancana and Quehaualliu decided to escape to the mountains. When the tribal chief discovered his daughter was missing, he organized an expedition of men to search for the couple. Tired and hungry, the couple called on the earth goddess Pachamama to hide them. Pachamama turned the lovers into a cactus. So Quehaualliu and Pasancana stayed together forever in silence.

Technical Details

Materials canvasTecnica oilPeriod beginCreatore Sestilio PiccariOrigin early-20th centuryConditions In good condition; there are some small color losses at the edges of the canvas, which would be covered if framed.
Height 19 ¹¹/₁₆ inWidth 15 ³/₄ in

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