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Painting by Antoh

Antonio Pierluigi Mansueto nickname Antoh

Babylon Multiverse signed Antoh

Height 29.52 inWidth 40.94 inDepth 1.57 in Categories , Tags ,


Since the 2000s intensifies the activities of art exhibitions and even theatrical -with young actors of Piccolo Teatro di Milano and scenic with the contribution of the Brera Academy and the company Teatro Aleph. He founded some groups of artists, including Artintensive, www.artintensive.com with Midori McCabe (USA), Paolo Manazza and others. Antoh is president of the Villa d’Arcore association, and proposes and implements the opening of the headquarters of the restoration workshop of the Accademy di Brera di Milano in Arcore, in the stables of Villa Borromeo D’Adda. Antoh draw the art foulard products with the brand A.Quaranta Locatelli, Naples. As an art economist, Antoh speaks in conferences and publishes some essays about the art market, the management of cultural heritage and museums, the art management in banks, and other. The main papers are published and available at www.aiaf.it

Antoh (Antonio Pierluigi Mansueto, born in Naples, 1960), is an artist and a financial analyst. He exhibited in Italy, France, Germany, USA. His works are present in some Italian museums, galleries, auctions and many major Italian art fairs. Antoh studied oil painting under the guidance of Neapolitan artists since he was 10 years old. Later, he moved to Milan, and painted the nude at Osservatorio Figurale, studied ceramics with Monique Bousquet. But the master to which he was more connected, was the artist and designer Bruno Munari (signatory of the Second Futurism and present in many museums including the MOMA in NY), in Milan in the 90’s. Antoh early works were surrealists, then evolve in abstract and in a personal style that integrates various currents of the twentieth century, as surrealism, abstract expressionism, graffiti, pop art, in a new synthesis inspired by the dynamic contemporary period of the organized chaos. Antoh is a XX century son, but he lives and represents the complex and dynamic contemporary world ever rapidly changing, and not always humanly and psychologically sustainable. The language is lively, colorful, dynamic, unstable equilibrium; while positive, fun and suffering at the same time. Since 2000 some alternates series of works devoted to issues between the physical and social psychology: “Entropica”, inspired by the Bioenergetics of the American psychologist Alexander Lowen, “Multiverse” that approaches the multidimensionality of the universe according to the physical complexity of the contemporary age. Finally “ARCHETIPO-PROTOTYPE” on the cyclical nature of time.

Technical Details

Color multicoloredCreatore Antoh (Antonio Pierluigi Mansueto)Origin private collectionConditions perfect condition
Height 29.52 inWidth 40.94 inDepth 1.57 in

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