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Mario Tozzi painting certified

Still Life with Lost Figurine

Still Life with lost figurina by the artist Mario Tozzi signed above right.

Period 1943Height 7 ⁹/₃₂ inWidth 21 ¹⁷/₆₄ inDepth 1 ³¹/₃₂ in Categories , Tags , , ,


The work was presented at the 4th Rome Quadriennale Exhibition in 1943.

Still life with lost figurina by Mario Tozzi  is registered in the Archivio Generale delle opere di Mario Tozzi, Foiano under no. 2464 and it is accompanied by a photo-certificate issued by Archivio Mario Tozzi.

Technical Details

Materials canvasTecnica Oil on canvasPeriod 1943Creatore Mario TozziConditions good condition
Height 7 ⁹/₃₂ inWidth 21 ¹⁷/₆₄ inDepth 1 ³¹/₃₂ in

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