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Aristodemo Zingarini Signed Painting, 1942

Italian modern fine art

Aristodemo Zingarini Signed Painting, 1942
Oil on panel by Aristodemo Zingarini, signed “A. Zingarini Amelia …1942”
Paintings by the Roman painter, whom Antonio Mancini called one of the best Italian landscape painters, are exhibited in the National Gallery of Umbria in Gubbio and in the Palazzo Ducale Museum.
In about 1939, a painting by Aristodemo Zingarini was purchased by the Ministry of Education.
That painting was a version of the Porta Romana, the main  city gate in Amelia, like this painting.
The painting is beautifully displayed in a 19th-century Italian frame of carved gilded wood.

Period 1942Height 20.81 (without frame 13.77) inWidth 14.96 (without frame 3.93) inDepth 3.93 in Categories , Tags , , ,


Aristodemo Zingarini Rome (1878–1944) signed painting. A Roman-school painter, Zingarini was born in Rome on January 30, 1878, and died there on November 5, 1944. Caralus Durand and Paul Sieffert were his first teachers, introducing him to drawing techniques at the prestigious French Academy, which he attended until 1908. In 1909, he started attending the Institute of Fine Arts in Rome, particularly the sculpture class at the Union Internationale des Beaux Arts et des Lettres in Paris. At a young age, he was already showing in prestigious exhibitions with artists the level of Carlo Siviero and Pellizza da Volpedo, such as the International Exhibition of Art in Rome and the Turin Quadrennial. Looking for quiet and inspiration, he decided to leave Rome to move to the lovely Umbrian town of Amelia, where he painted this beautiful painting. He created his most important works here, surrounded by the peace of nature. Many posthumous exhibitions have focused on his work, including in 1951 in Rome, in the Sala della Conchiglia, and in 1945, in his adopted city of Amelia.

Technical Details

Materials Oil on plywoodPeriod 1942Creatore Aristodemo Zingarini, signed “A. Zingarini Amelia …1942”Origin ItalyConditions Wear consistent with age and use. It shows sign of age through scuffs, dings, faced finished.
Height 20.81 (without frame 13.77) inWidth 14.96 (without frame 3.93) inDepth 3.93 in

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