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Pair of Mirrored Italian Cabinets

Set of two Venetian made cabinets from the 70s/80s.

Period 1970/80Height 58,85 inWidth 36,81 inDepth 13,58 inCOD EMI 175 Categories , Tags , , , ,


Particularly rare is the side brass gilded coating just like is the original and invaluable frontal one out of polychrome glass.
Indeed, both swing doors are enriched with vertical strips out of sea green and ivory ‘cathedral’ glass.

Your entrance hall sets the tone of your house. Like the opening chapter of a good book or the overture to an exciting musical,it should establish a mood and hint at what lies beyond. And in this day of the minimalist house, your entrance hall assumes a new importance. Simplicity, serenity, and a feeling of spaciousness are the basic qualities ti strive for. First of all walls and floors are the important features. Use color that carries on into the room beyond. When there is no breaking point in tone, a feeling of space is created and an invitation to move on into the next room. Lighting is almost equally important. Your entrance hall should be flooded with soft mellow light whether natural or artificial. There is nothing so unwelcoming as a dark entrance hall or one with harsh overhead lighting. A handsome floor can do wonders to make a hall dramatic. This is a good place to give your tastes full rein-a chance to establish your feeling for modern or traditional or to show a sophisticated liking for both. Your entrance hall can by itself bid your guests a cordial welcome.

Technical Details

Materials Wood, glass,brass.Period 1970/80Creatore Venetian artisan/artistOrigin Italy MuranoConditions Excellent conditions, wear consistent with age and use
Height 58,85 inWidth 36,81 inDepth 13,58 in

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