Pietro Raspi was one of the key players in the Arte Informale movement, an artistic and painting trend in the late 1940s that rejected form. 

He was born in Spoleto in 1928.

In the early 1950s, he was one of the founders of the Spoleto Group as well as the Spoleto Prize.


The exhibition is very well designed and presented, following his artistic development from the mid 1950s to the 2000s. 

Among his most important paintings are his 1955 

Paesaggio verde that marked the start of his Informale period. 

Green Landscape by Piero Raspi
Paesaggio verde

In 1957, he became among the artists who gravitated around Bruno Sargentini’s “L’Attico” gallery in Rome, where he would regularly exhibit. 

Piero Raspi Informal Art
Inverno 2

Frontale from 1960 with which he won the 8th Spoleto Prize, in 1962, part of a group exhibition at Bruno Sargentini’s l’Attico Gallery 

Piero Raspi Informal Art
Piero Raspi Frontale Spoleto Prize 1960

 Opéra Comique from 1964, at the 32nd Venice Biennale d’Arte and Aphia from 1978, when he started monocolor painting. 

Piero Raspi artworks
Musei di Villa Torlonia
Casino dei Principi