Old Master Painting Danae Jacob de Backer Follower

Venetian artist of the early 1600s

Oil painting, Danae and the Golden Rain follower of Jacob de Backer.

The prestigious expert opinion that has evaluated this monumental painting confirms the attribution to an important Venetian artist of the early 1600s linked to the Flemish painter Jacob de Backer.

Though Danae was certainly one of the favorite subjects throughout the 16th and 17th centuries in general, there was a great variety of stylistic and compositional versions. Here, however, Perseus’s mother seems to turn to her baby with a bit of a frown, as if to tell her to quickly gather all the precious gold coins into which Zeus has turned himself.
It is this important gesture of his right hand that sets it apart from all the best known models.

The original certificate is issued by a distinguished CECOA qualified expert (Expert agréé de la Chambre Européenne des Experts-conseil en œuvre d’Art) and is available on request.

This work, never before on market, comes from a private collection and is embellished with an impressive antique frame in ebonized wood with gold details, in near perfect condition.


Materials: Canvas, wood

Color: Polychrome

Technique: Oil on canvas

Period: Begin 17th century

Designer: Jacob de Backer Follower

Origin: Italian Private collection

Wear: Excellent conditions, wear consistent with age and use

Dimensions (inc):

Height: 51.18

Width: 64.96

Depth: 3.14

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The Greek myth of Danae is one of most important and profound of myths, and, therefore, one of the most often depicted in the history of art.

Daughter of the king of Argos and Eurydice (but, remember, not Orpheus’s), it was her father Acrisius who had her imprisoned because of a premonition he was given.

The oracle predicted to Acrisius that he would be killed by his grandson, the son of Danae, and so he imprisoned her to prevent her from ever being with a man.

But in myths nothing goes as planned, and so Zeus comes in here.

Zeus fell in love with Danae and found a way to come to her by turning himself into a gold rain, came into her cell and laid with her.

From this relationship, Perseus was born, the mythical demigod and slayer of Medusa.

According to legend, Danae ended her days in Italy, and that could be true, given how much her story was beloved by Italian painters.

One such artist made our painting, which depicts the exact moment when Zeus turns into a golden rain to impregnate our Danae.

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