Modern Indian Ink Giuseppe Capogrossi Drawing

1960s Artwork on Paper by Giuseppe Capogrossi


Colored ink drawing by Giuseppe Capogrossi.
1960s artwork on paper by the one of the biggest exponent of the Roman School of the 1900s.
The subject is the characteristic figure of Capogrossi’s work: the iconic abstract sign poetically declined on Palladio paper.
The reddish color reproduced in our drawing, is very rare.
Giuseppe Capogrossi, leading exponent of the Italian twentieth-century artistic panorama, was born in Rome in 1900 and he represents an artistic bridge between two centuries
In the early 1930s he became one of the greatest Italian exponents of the abstract art current.
In the mid-40s, he began his way in the informal art that will lead him to develop a sign that will become an icon of international abstract art.
These magnetic figures that seem to attract and repel each other at the same time, will be his stylistic and artistic code that will make him unique in the world of the artistic panorama.

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Materials: Paper, wood

Color: Black, red

Period: 1960/65

Designer: Giuseppe Capogrossi

Origin: Private collection

Wear: Good

Dimensions (inc):

Height: 12.20

Width: 8.85

Diameter: 0.39

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Very young, he earned a degree in law, but his artistic talent led him to practice the art of painter, initially in Felice Carena’s atelier

Like many artists of his generation, he spent longs periods in Paris, between 1927 and 1933.

He participated, in countless national and international exhibitions, which the most prestigious could not be missing; in 1928 he was invited to the Venice Biennale.

In the wake of the Parisian avant-gardes, he participates in the exhibitions in the Milanese Galleria del Milione with Corrado Cagli, his colleague in the current of the Roman School.

His talent quickly led him to climb the heights of international art by participating in prestigious exhibitions such as the Parisian “Exposition des peintres romains” in 1933 and at the Rome Quadriennale which in 1939 will dedicate a personal ambient to him.

Together with Alberto Burri in 1951 he founded the Origine Group, an important current of informal art.

Its definitive consecration came, as often happens, posthumously; two years after his death, in 1974, the National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome dedicated to him an impressive exhibition.

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