Modern art

What Is Modern Art?

Modern art is the rejection of the classical and the search for new art forms in painting, sculpture but also in literature, architecture, fashion and the minor arts.

Luigi Broggini bronze Sculpture for sale on Egidi MadeinItaly
Luigi Broggini Egidi Private Collection

Characteristics of Modern Art

The artistic currents and movements arising in this period have in common the rejection of the traditional, of academicism and influenced by the historical period, the transformation of peoples needs, and experimenting with the use of new materials, new media and above all new forms of art.

How did Modern art come to be?

In the 20th century, the artistic avant-garde wanted to free artists and all people from the bounds of the past and its age-old tenets.

They declared war on classic art, demanding the creation of new forms, free from all moral, ethical, and religious conditioning.

They created sculptures with new shapes and paintings in styles and colors never seen before.

Though the intention may have been laudable, some of the excesses of contemporary art should make us stop and think.

When was Modern art born?

Modern art officially begins at the end of the 19th century with Impressionism.

Commercially, modern art begins with the 20th century and ends around the 1970s, when contemporary art begins.

It doesn’t  therefore correspond to the current chronology of artistic periods.

The great currents of modern art

Cubism, Expressionism, Surrealism, Futurism, Dadaism and Divisionism. Each country will experiment new movements according to the historical vicissitudes of the place.

We can therefore say that history and geography play a fundamental role in artistic movements.

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In our Modern art section, you will find modern paintings, works on paper and modern art objects. These items were made after 1920 and up to the 1970s.

Right now there are some excellent pieces in our Modern art paintings section, such as an archived and certified work by Emilio Scanavino with his unmistakable knot.

Emilio Scanavino for sale on Egidi MadeinItaly
Emilio Scanavino Painter and ceramist

A painting by Luciano Ventrone  also certified and archived.

Luciano Ventrone for sale on Egidi MadeinItaly
Anamorphosis Luciano Ventrone 1976

New arrivals include a canvas painting of the Via del Lavatore street in Rome by  the master of magical realism Antonio Donghi.

Donghi Antonio authenticated painting for sale on Egidi MadeinItaly
Donghi Antonio authenticated painting

Works on paper include a beautiful 1930s pastel by Pietro Gaudenzi, a great artist part of the Roman School, who was born in Genoa and closely tied to the milieu of Anticoli Corrado.

Pietro Gaudenzi for sale on Egidi MadeinItaly
Pietro Gaudenzi Portrait of Maria Candida Gaudenzi

Among works on paper, we also have a beautiful pastel of a woman in a pink dress by Tito Corbella , perfect for your wedding list or to give as a gift.

 Pastel by Tito Cobella for sale on Egidi MadeinItaly
Signed Pastel by Tito Cobella

Our greatest strengths are:

  1. Selling artworks authenticated by archives and foundations
  2. Selling paintings and sculptures never before available on the market
  3. Evaluating, selling and buying with skill and passion
  4. Utmost care taken in all steps of delivery: packaging, transport and professional and tracked deliveries.


Egidi MadeinItaly buys and sells Modern art

The fifteen years we spent in Paris, home of the artistic avant-garde, let us get to know and love modern art and approach contemporary art (timidly at first), ridding ourselves of our preconceptions.

We study, buy and sell modern art, as well, especially Italian art and we admired Futurist paintings and sculptures and their artists like Giacomo Balla, Umberto Boccioni, and Fortunato Depero.

We appraise and sell artists with a focus on the School of Via Cavour, the Roman School, and the Italian avant-garde in general.

We buy and sell works by Corrado Cagli, Guglielmo Janni, Roberto Melli, Alberto Ziveri, Renato Guttuso, and Fausto Pirandello.

Egidi MadeinItaly appraises and buys at maximum value works by Mario Schifano, Mambor, Tano Festa, Franco Angeli, Giosetta Fioroni.

Mario Schifano for sale on Egidi MadeinItaly
Mario Schifano “Untitled” signature on the back