Lot’s Daughters III, made by Carlo Carrà in 1940, was his third version of the subject.

The artist had first dealt with this topic in 1919 (MART Rovereto); the context was a general “return to order” typical of that time. Carlo Carrà painted a second edition of Lot’s Daughters in 1925 but destroyed it the next year. Now only one engraving survives.

He took the scene from an episode in Genesis (19: 30-38). Lot’s family are the key figures, fleeing Sodom to escape the fire destroying their city. Lot and his daughters resort to incest to prevent the extinction of their lineage after Lot’s wife became a salt statue because she turned to look at Sodom one last time.

Carlo Carrà created a balanced, timeless image, more evocative than descriptive, with no iconographic attributes.

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