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Here's a beautiful love story

Do you know the legend of the bridal cup?

This custom grew out of a wonderful legend. The young Kunigunde was the daughter of a wealthy nobleman

She was madly in love with a young goldsmith and he whole-heartedly reciprocated her love.

Unfortunately, her father did not approve of this love because of his humble origins and so had him imprisoned.

This broke Kunigunde’s heart and she suffering bitterly from the terrible sorrow.

So her father decided to challenge the young goldsmith, commissioning him a cup from which two people could drink at the same time. If he succeeded in this impossible task, he would allow the wedding of the two lovers.

The goldsmith’s love for his Kunigunde was so great that with this mastery of the craft he managed to make such a cup in a few days. He won the challenge and married his beloved.

A very similar cup is exhibited at the Museum of Palazzo Venezia in Rome

While in Vienna at the Kunsthistorisches Museum is exhibited one in gilded silver, mother-of-pearl and enamels.