Optical Vibes presents a wide selection of abstract and cinevisual artworks from the collections of the Gallleria Nazionale.

Optical Vibes highlights the premises and the outcomes of cinevisual art, by esploring its historical and conceptual roots in the abstract languages after the Second World War.

The works on display had been produced starting from the mid 1950s.

These artworks, which are fragile and complex, have been exhibited discontinuously, in order to preserve their delicate electrical and dynamic mechanisms, but also as a result of adapting to different critical approaches assumed over the years.

Artists on display: Josef Albers, Vincenzo Arena, Alberto Biasi, Gastone Biggi, Max Bill, Stevio Botta, Nino Calos, Nicola Carrino, Toni Costa, Enrico Castellani, Ettore Colla, Milena Kubrakovic, Lia Drei, Lucia Di Luciano, Jean Gorin, Franco Grignani, Stanley William Hayter, Johannes Itten, Edoardo Landi, Ermanno Leinardi, Heinz Mack, Man Ray, Bruno Munari, Mario Nigro, Attilio Pierelli, Giovanni Pizzo, Enrico Prampolini, Hans Richter, Jan Slothouber & William Graatsma, Henryk Stazewski, Kumi Sugai, Victor Vasarely, Luigi Veronesi, Nanda Vigo.