Gastone Biggi and Gruppo 1

 Several art movements were formed in Europe in the 1950s and 1960s including Arte Programmata in Milan, Gruppo N in Padua, which included Alberto Biasi, Gastone Biggi and Gruppo 1 in Rome, the Zero Group in Düsseldorf, Recherches d’Art Visuel in Paris, and Equipo 57 in Spain.

Gruppo 1 

Gruppo 1 was founded in Rome in 1962 and broke up in 1967. The members were Gastone Biggi, Nicola Carrino, the group’s theorist, Nato Frascà, Achille Pace, Pasquale “Nini” Santoro, and Giuseppe Uncini.

Santoro left the group in 1963, Pace in 1964, and Biggi in 1965. Carrino, Frascà, and Uncini stayed until 1967. Gruppo 1 was one of the last art movements to form in Italy.

 Art critic Giulio Carlo Argan was a key supporter.

Their mission 

Gruppo 1 was founded during a peculiar time for art.  

Another group was developing In Rome, the Piazza del Popolo School, which we have discussed extensively 

They shared the goal of escaping the ‘shallow waters’ in which Informal Art had gotten bogged down and looking for viable alternatives and new ideas.

 The Purpose of Gruppo 1 

These six painters grouped themselves around a line of research rather than an artistic program; they wanted to examine situations, test certain values, and experiment with different solutions.” – Giulio Carlo Argan, 1963

 Giulio Carlo Argan was one of Gruppo 1‘s most fervent supporters, defending them in bitter battles that attracted the attention of critics abroad.

 They had their first group shows at the Quadrante in Florence and Galleria Rotta in Genoa in 1963. 

They presented their ideas that same year at Galleria la Medusa in Rome.

Our product catalog contains a work by maestro Gastone Biggi from his Variabile T period in 1967. 

Gastone Biggi e il Gruppo 1
Gastone Biggi e il Gruppo 1

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