In 1951 Afro Basaldella created a series of engraved panels for Rome’s Caffè Aragno. Fortunately, these panels still exist.

Architect Alberto La Padula commissioned Afro to do the engravings.

La Padula was engaged in the renovation of the historic Caffè Aragno from May to October 1951.

Afro created “engraved paintings” of which three remain, of different sizes. The panels are large slabs of rose-colored plaster on which he engraved geometric figures in white.

A variety of events may have caused some of the engravings to disappear. The cafe’s first renovation in 1951 was quickly followed by a second one under the management of Alemagna – which bought the restaurant in 1955 – during which time Afro’s engravings were covered with plaster and panels. They were found and restored much later during the cafe’s final renovation in 1996 after Autogrill had taken over its management.

In May 2021, Apple opened a large store in the magnificent premises of Palazzo Marignoli and the restoration team gave new life to Afro Basaldella’s engravings and other artworks.