Carrara marble is a type of marble extracted from the quarries of the Apuan Alps in the territory of Carrara, universally known as one of the most valuable marbles. The Romans used their slaves to extract it and then transported it to Rome travelling by sea loading it on ships in the port of Lumi ‘porto Lunae’ for this reason they called it Pietra di Luni.

The Carrara marble called Statuario, is the marble par excellence, bright and compact color crossed by gray veins that enhance the preciousness, used by the greatest artists from the past and today to sculpt statues (hence its name).

Michelangelo stayed three years in the quarries of Carrara, to choose the most suitable marble to realize the Mausoleum of Pope Julius II in Rome. For this reason there is a quarry called ‘Cava Michelangelo‘.

In addition to the masterpieces of the past, today’s designers also use Carrara marble for their projects, combining it with other materials such as bronze, porcelain and brass.