Valentina Pagani Casorati

Born in Rome in 1863, from a very early age, her father educated her in the art of sculpture.

She completed her formal studies at the Institute of Fine Arts in Rome. After traveling to Latin America and living in Chile and Peru, she came to Argentina in 1890. In Buenos Aires, she opened a painting school on Calle de la Piedad.

She took part in the National Exposition of Santiago de Chile in 1884; the Cooperative Society of Rome in 1895 and 1896; the International Exhibition of Guatemala in 1896; the National Exhibition of Buenos Aires in 1898 and 1899; and the Salon of the University of Buenos Aires in 1898 where she showed her works: “Portrait of Mrs. X” and “Carnival.” Among the accolades she won was the gold medal at the National Exposition of Santiago de Chile in 1884.

She died in Italy in the early 20th century.

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