Tommaso Cimini

Lumina was founded in 1973 born of the ingenuity of Tommaso Cimini. Starting from a simple electromechanical transformer, made by hand, he created the ultra-simple table lamp (now exhibited in top modern art museums around the world). The Daphine table lamp  “poca lampada, tanta luce” [little lamp, a lot of light]  was the slogan, embodied its defining values of simplicity, style, and functionality, which enchanted the German public who saw it for the first time at the Milan Trade Fair in 1974. From this first great success, Lumina Italia was founded in 1975.

The idea was of creating and building lamps “dressed in simplicity.”

Tommaso Cimini began working with designers the caliber of Walter Monici, Riccardo Blumer, Yaacov Kaufman, and Emanuele Ricci, adding to the Lumina catalogue year by year with their creativity and his clear crafting brilliance. The growth of the company almost took him by surprise and Cimini decided to draw on the support of Ermanno Prosperi in 1985, who long was manager for the entire logistics and financial area, applying his know-how and managerial élan.

In 1987 a new Lumina center opened in Arluno. Between 1992 and 1994, branches were opened in Germany and Switzerland. In 1997 Tommaso Cimini died in an airplane crash, leaving the company in the hands of Ermanno Prosperi. He was in charge of the financial and managerial aspects of the company. A change came in 2008 with the entry of Ettore Cimini, Tommaso’s son, at the head of the company. His enthusiasm for the world of lighting prompted him to focus on the product: new ideas, technical passion, unshakable faith in a fully Italian product, and craftsmanship applied to industrial processes gave the company flexibility and dynamism. These are a few of the ingredients that have informed Lumina in the 21st century.