Tito Corbella

Tito Corbella

He was born in Pontremoli (Massa Carrara) in 1885.

After graduating in chemistry from the University of Padua, he attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, where he was a student of Guglielmo Ciardi and Ettore Tito.

Corbella was an eclectic artist. He started painting early on and established a reputation for still lifes and portraits.

At the same time, he also worked in illustration. His famous postcards depicting female figures and couples in love were made for the Milanese publishing house Degami, who name is an acronym for the two founders Dell’Anna and Gasparini Milano, and which specialized in fine postcards.

In Milan as well, he worked for Officine Ricordi for which made the advertising bills and posters for musical and theatrical performances.

Interesting fact: in this period, Corbella created the advertising poster of the Remo Camilloni coffee roasting company in Rome. The famous Sant’Eustachio coffee!

His talent led him to be chosen as an illustrator for Casear Film of Rome for the film Assunta Spina (1915) and for Tosca(1918) both starring the beautiful Francesca Bertini.

Tito Corbella created posters with full-length images that showed off the beauty and elegance of the star and her clothes.

In 1914 he also worked for the important graphic company of Enrico Guazzoni, a Roman artist and director, also as an illustrator of poster design for film.

Among his various works for this company, in 1925 he designed the brochure for the Carmine Gallone’s black and white film Marcia Nuziale.

An interesting tidbit: the star Lyda Borelli, from a family of artists, became shortly thereafter the wife of the industrialist Vittorio Cini.

In 1951 he became part a group of film poster designers who awarded the yearly Spiga Award for advertising illustration, named after Duilio Cambellotti.

He died in Rome in 1966.