In 1960 in Dieudonne (Oise), Rurik was immersed in an artistic milieu from childhood.

His mother was a famous actress who worked at ORTF (the French radio and television) as a director. His father was Pierre Dmitrienko, a famous painter of Russian origin.

Rurik remembers a trip to Spain with his parents when he was still a child, especially the Prado Museum, and a Jerome Bosch triptych, which he returned, full of excitement, to see many years later.

Because his father had his studio in the Bastille neighborhood of Paris, the young Rurik spent most of his youth in this part of town.

Rurik studied at the Academy of Fine Arts of Paris.

He was 19 years old when his first solo show went up (Galerie de la Cité, Luxembourg).

Since then, he has exhibited regularly in solo shows (in the United States, France, Switzerland, and Italy) and in group shows in France and abroad. As a young artist, he received the Lubiam Award (Mantua, Italy) in 1980, and then the Fénéon Prize (Paris) in 1983.

In that year he also spent two years as a resident at the Villa Medici, the French Academy in Rome.


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