Ruggero Panerai

Ruggero Panerai (Florence 1862-Paris 1923)
Italian painter
Ruggero Panerai was of very humble origin, working as a carpenter at the age of 15.
He attended the Academy of Florence (1877–81) and was a student of Giovanni Fattori, whose specific influence in terms of painting style and themes can be seen in the military and equestrian subjects and
scenes of the Maremma landscape – horses, sheep, cowherds – of his early years.

Works by Ruggero Panerai

His early works were much praised, including:
Il guado, (The Ford) which appeared in 1887 at the Venice exhibition;
Il cavallo malato (The Sick Horse), the painting with which he won the Fumagalli Prize in Milan the same year and was bought by Ernesto Rossi;
Mazzeppa, shown in 1888 in Bologna, earned Panerai an appointment as professor at the Academy of Bologna.
Una stalla di mucche, (A Cow Stable) presented at the Società Promotrice in Florence in 1890;

Ruggero Panerai in Paris

In Paris, he showed Mazzeppa again at the Universal Exhibition of 1889 where he was awarded a bronze medal.
Una sera (An Evening) won a prize in Florence in 1892.
At that point, when he was on a path to sure fame, he chose to devote himself to the more lucrative genre
painting with 18th-century subjects.
The Modern Art Gallery of Milan has his Butteri in Maremma (Cowherds in Maremma).
He returned to Paris from 1919 to 1923.
In these his later years, he again focused on farm subjects using quick brushstrokes imbued with color.

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