In 1879, Philipp Rosenthal returned a stay in the United States and opened a porcelain decoration workshop in Erkersreuth, near Selb, Bavaria.

In 1907, the company started to put its name on every product.

The following year, Rosenthal bought Thomas, which later targeted a young market. In 1934, under Nazi pressure, Philipp Rosenthal left the helm of the company, which continued nonetheless to expand during World War I and II. In 1950, his son Philip took the reins of the company and in 1961 started Rosenthal Studio-Line. It focused on interior designs and collaborations with famous artists, architects, and designers.

Artists and designers such as Wilhelm Wagenfeld, Raymond Loewy, Walter Gropius, Tapio Wirkkala, Andy Warhol, Björn Wiinblad, Mario Bellini, Jasper Morrison, Konstantin Grcic, and Patricia Urquiola.

They have been some of the past and present creators of this extraordinarily innovative avant-garde Rosenthal collection. They share the aspiration to achieve excellence in formal and functional quality.