Romeo Rega

Born in Rome in 1904, Romeo Rega is one of the leading designers of the second half of the 1900s.

The brand was born on 31 December 1969, starting a fantastic production of chandeliers, chairs, tables and etagere identified by his double ‘R’ logo.

His production ceased in 1981.

Not many aspects of Rega’s personal or professional life are known. Fortunately, his legacy has not been lost. Many of his drawings and notes have recently gone up for auction to the delight of collectors.

Romeo Rega’s furniture is characterised by geometric shapes tending towards minimalism. His artefacts are almost always gilded, chromed or brass-plated, thus creating the charm and elegance for which Rega is known.

The collaboration with Willy Rizzo (1928-2013) and the prestigious designer Gabriella Crespi (1922-2017), has been very fruitful and has produced objects of unique elegance.

Coffee tables and garden lounges, bar furniture, tables, objects and highly original lamps. Thanks to this ingenious production, Rega’s work is popular with lovers of what is known in the United States as the Hollywood Regency style.