Maison Baguès

Originating in 1840, the famous Maison Baguès, was eventually established in the center of Paris and began to specialize in the creation of luxury lighting in 1860.
Early on, it became the emblem of French savoir-faire in lighting and wrought-iron work, along with French craftsmanship, which is highly valued internationally. Today, nestled under one of the vaults of the Viaduc des Arts, Baguès continues to manufacture its oldest models. Its prestigious past has also been enriched with new creations imagined by major designers like Elisabeth Garouste & Mattia Bonetti. However, concerned about preserving Baguès’ precious heritage, the company is devoted to the restoration of collectible chandeliers.
Creation begins at the workshop where iron and bronze are shaped according to traditional techniques preserved by Baguès. Leaf gilt gold or silver is then applied to these chandeliers, lamps, and wall sconces by our dedicated Artisans. Finally, cut crystals or rock crystals are hand assembled to these beautiful pieces of artwork.
This catalogue illustrates the depth and range of our products, and will delight you with the grace and subtlety of our creations. ” Courtesy Maison Baguès