Kaare Klint

Kaare Klint was born in Denmark in 1888,  he was one of the most important Scandinavian architect and furniture designer.

His brother Tage, founded in 1943 the prestigious family brand “Le Klint” and  he was a teacher of architecture too.

He collaborated with his colleague Rasmussens Snedkeri who shared with him the passion for the classic realism style, and together produced a top level furniture line.

We can easily affirm that Kaare Klint was the father of the Scandinavian design.

The prove is that his many iconic furnishing designs are exposed in the best museums all over the world like the “sill chair“ for Faaborg Museum in 1914.
In 1930 he designed in Copenhagen his masterpiece the icon “Safari chair” that was conceived for the local Bethlehem church