ISA Bergamo

The I.S.A. (Industria Salotti e Arredamenti) factory, also known as ISA, ISA Bergamo and ISA Italia, was founded in the late 1940s near Bergamo in Ponte San Pietro.

It produced a series of striking models designed by Gio Ponti and by Ico and Luisa Parisi. It made furniture and seating models for Veronesi, Fiori and Morelli.  In the 1960s he had a department producing furniture for the US market. During this period he acquired the licence to produce the famous Sheriff Chair by Brazilian architect Sergio Rodrigues. It is interesting to read Tino Sana’s biography entitled “The Orphan Who Knew How to Dream” where in one chapter he recounts his experience as a skilled worker at ISA during the years of the economic boom.