The full name of this artist is Giuseppe Capogrossi Guarna.

He was born in Rome on 7 March 1900. In 1923, he starts attending  Felice Carena’s Nude School, one of the most renowned in Rome.

In 1928 he moved to Paris, where he stayed occasionally until 1933.

In 1933, the art critic George Waldemar presented the work of Corrado Cagli, Emanuele Cavalli and Giuseppe Capogrossi at the Galerie Bonjean in rue La Boetie in Paris.

Back in Italy, he began to participate in the Venice Biennials and the Quadrennial Exhibitions in Rome.
He received many prizes and awards.

With Corrado Cagli and Emanuele Cavalli he works at the Manifest del Primordialismo Plastico (Plastic Primordialism Manifesto).

He took part in numerous foreign art exhibitions (Vienna, Paris, New York, Budapest, Warsaw, Prague, Pittsburgh and Buenos Aires).

In 1946 he took part in the Italian Art Exhibition in London curated by Lionello Venturi.

In 1950 he exhibits for the first time his abstract work, introduced by Corrado Cagli, at the Galleria del Secolo in Rome.

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