Ettore Cercone

Ettore Cercone (Messina 1850–Sorrento 1896) Self-taught Italian painter 

Cercone was a Navy officer in the Battle of Lissa. He was also a Knight of the Order of the Crown of Italy. For years, he traveled all around the world on behalf of the Aquarium of Naples, gathering important collections of fauna and flora. This left him little time for painting, his true passion.

Caracciolo domanda cristiana sepoltura 

His noteworthy works include Caracciolo domanda cristiana sepoltura,[Caracciolo Asking for a Christian Burial] which gained him acclaim and was purchased by the Ministry of Education;

At the Pyramids, exhibited in Milan in 1883,

Madonna, which Callari noted was clearly inspired by Domenico  Morelli in its color and style.

Many of his paintings were inspired by his impressions from his travels, especially in the East; several of these are in the Capodimonte Gallery in Naples.

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His many trips influenced his narrative painting while his contact with Antonio Morelli also influenced his romantic interpretations of historical subjects. 

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