Enrico Crespi

Enrico Crespi (1854-1929) an artist from Milan, a student of Francesco Hayez, was active in Brera in the late 19th century.
He was born in Busto Arsizio on December 3, 1854, and he died in Milan on March 7, 1929.
Crespi was employed as a young man at the technical construction office for the Piazza del Duomo in Milan.
He fell in love with architecture and his first works combined architecture with paintings, putting him among the best perspective artists.
Enrico Crespi was a student of Bisi and in his 20s, he attended the Brera Academy at the Hayez school.
He was a versatile artist, painting interiors, historical pieces, etched portraits, landscapes and a large number of genre subjects, recreating popular and rustic scenes, earning him the nickname of painter of the
He won the Canonica prize with Ecce Homo, which is now in the church Fatebenefratelli in Milan.
His painting Dopo il ballo (After the Dance) was shown in Paris and is now in Palazzo Clerici;

Interno del Duomo di Milano (Interiors of the Cathedral of Milan); La morte del primo attore (Death of the First Actor) and Un consulto (A Consultation) are in Casa Rossini in Blevio;
Martire cristiana (Christian Martyr); La fucina (The Forge); In chiesa (In Church); Accanto al fuoco (By the Fire); La secchia nel pozzo (Bucket in the Well).
Enrico Crespi painted portraits of Manzoni, Francesco Hayez, Vittorio Emanuele II, Queen Margherita, Princess Maria Gonzaga, Mrs. Cavajani, and the banker Weilschott.
In 1883, he had an exhibition in Rome.

Enrico Crespi died in Milan on March 7, 1929.

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