Carlo Brancaccio

Carlo Brancaccio Italian painter (Naples 1861-1920)


Carlo Brancaccio specialized in landscape painting and especially sea landscapes. He started teaching himself when he was 22 years old, following the advice and example of his friend Edoardo Dalbono.

Brancaccio approached modern painting en plein air, influenced by the Impressionists in terms of execution, despite his distance from it. He favored the streets and sites typical of Naples and its surroundings.

Exhibitions and awards

Società Promotrice di Napoli

Carlo Brancaccio exhibited at the Società Promotrice di Napoli exhibition in 1881, 1884 and in 1885 with several “Studi” and a painting “Paese”. In 1887 “Pass-partout”; in 1888 “Un giorno di pioggia a Toledo”, and “Da Mergellina”. In 1891, he showed at the Promotrice napoletana “In campania”and “Verso sera”. 

Italian exhibition in London

He presented a “Marinella” at the Italian exhibition in London also in 1888.


In 1889, he exhibited, Via Toledo con la piazza, also in Naples, and Napoli e dintorni, 12 watercolors bought by Goupil, at the international exposition in Munich.


In 1890 in Berlin he won an honorable mention award for Impressionisti di Napoli; in 1891 at the international exposition, also in Berlin, he showed “Golfo, Mergellina” and “La vecchia Napoli. In 1892 as well, he showed at the Royal Academy of Arts in Berlin “Napoli vecchia” e “Casa di contadini a Capri”.

Milan Exhibition

At the Milan Exhibition, he showed “La piazza del Carmine di Napoli” .

National Exhibition of Palermo

At the National Exhibition of Palermo, his “Impressioni di Napoli”, which he also presented the following year at the 50th Anniversary Exhibition of Modern Art in Turin.

National Exhibition of Rome

Carlo Brancaccio in 1893  painting “Basso Porto”, won a gold medal at the National Exhibition of Rome.

Other Exhibition

The year after that he took part in the Salon in Paris with Foce del Sebeto; at the Great Art Exposition of Berlin with Amalfi, Costa di Amalfi e Sorrento; at the International in Vienna with Paesaggio; at the Triennial of the Academy of Brera with Impressioni di Napoli and Napoli vecchia and at the Promotrice Napoleatna with Paesaggio and Napoli vecchia.

In 1895, he took part with his Impressioni and other watercolors at the international exhibition of Venice, the Principality of Monaco’s exhibition, the art exposition in Berlin, the International of Munich, and the National Exhibition of Rome with L’amore e una catena, Ore tristi, and In attesa.

He showed at he Turin Triennale with Lavandaie al Sebeto; in Naples with Vicolo and in Munich with Rinvio in 1896.

Carlo Brancaccio took part in the Exhibition of Art and Flowersin Florence in 1897 with his Sulla via di Amalfi which King Umberto I bought. Also in 1897, he brought his Impressioni to the International Exhibition of the Principality of Monaco, Berlin, and Brussels together with other works. In 1898, he again participated in many exhibitions, including one of St. Petersburg, with his Ore tristi, which the Russian Empress bought.

The following year was the Spring Exhibition in Hamburg.

In 1900, he showed Impressioni in Berlin, and his painting Paesaggio in 1901 in Venice.

Brancaccio took part in shows in Paris and in exhibitions in London, Munich, and Buenos Aires in the years that came.

Though he was a prolific and admired painter, he spent the last years of his life in poverty. He died in a car accident in 1920.

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