Armando Spadini

Armando Spadini Painter (1883-1925)

At the turn of the century, he enrolled in the Scuola Libera del Nudo (Free School of the Nude) and was a regular presence in museums and De Carolis’s studio.

In 1901, he won the second prize at the Alinari competition. He contributed woodcuts and drawings to Papini’s “Leonardo” magazine and Borgese’s “Hermes” magazine.

After completing his military service he returned to Florence. In 1909 he took part in and won the Pensionato Artistico Nazionale.


He married Pasqualina Cervone, who was well-known at Giovanni Fattori’s school. In 1910, the couple moved to Rome.

After his first exhibition at the Pensionato Artistico (1912) he took part in the Secession exhibitions in 1913 and 1915. 

He, his wife and children moved to a small house in Parioli, which was then on the edge of the Roman countryside. 

Their house became a destination for frequent visits by his literary friends and artists.

His friendship with Cecchi and Baldini, frequenting of the cultural milieu of the third salon of Caffè Aragno (link), led him to be involved with the “La Ronda” magazine in 1919.

In 1920, the Municipality gave him the lease of a studio at the Birdhouse of Villa Borghese

The growing interest in his painting saved him from financial problems but his health started to decline.

The same year he was appointed Academician of San Luca, and the next year, he became part of the committee for the Roman Biennales (1921-1925).

Even after his death, his work became a touchstone for young Roman artists and in 1930, a large exhibition was organized by Pier Maria Bardi at the Galleria di Roma. 

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