Afro Basaldella

Afro Basaldella was born in Udine in 1912 into a family of artists. His brothers Dino and Mirko were sculptors.

His artistic education began in high schools in Florence and Venice.

He had his first solo exhibition at the Galleria il Milione in Milan in 1933.

Graffiti Afro Basaldella
Graffitis Rome Apple store by Afro Basaldella

In 1937 he became acquainted with Impressionist and Cubist painting in Paris.

Like the artists of the Scuola Romana he addressed the theme of demolition.

A long stay in the United States, beginning in 1950 and involving a continuous relationship with the Catherine Viviano Gallery in New York, was decisive for his career.

In 1952, he joined the Gruppo degli Otto (“group of eight”) with Emilio Vedova, Renato Birolli, Antonio Corpora, Mattia Moreni, Ennio Morlotti, Giuseppe Santomaso, and Giulio Turcato.

He showed in several editions of the Venice Biennale where he was awarded Best Italian Painter in 1956.

He taught painting at the Florence academy until 1973.

He died in Zurich in 1976.